Project Gambia

Project Gambia works in partnership with the Box Youth project and Farrigson Community Academy. It has supported individuals and groups of young people to volunteer in The Gambia since 2010.

Working alongside the Gunjur Project, they have developed strong links with Gambian schools, voluntary organisations, community groups and families. They have been able to witness first hand the poverty and deprivation that is widespread in the Gunjur region of the country and have talked to people that live and work there.

Through the relationships they have developed in the heart of local communities they have been able to provide volunteers with opportunities to live and work alongside local families and experience the real Gambia that is overlooked by many tourists.


A new area of work that is being developed by Project  Gambia is the Cycle to School Project and the Gunjur Village Cycling Scheme. In The Gambia owning  a bicycle is a privilege! A cycle can make life so much easier by reducing the time it takes for  pupils to walk to school and by providing a means for families to transport goods and sometimes other members of their family!

People with a cycle can get to school, market, work and health clinics  in a quarter of the time it would take them to walk. To date they have had more than 60 cycles donated.

At least 1 container per year is shipped to The Gambia from Project Gambia in Sunderland. The containers are packed to capacity with furniture for schools, books, stationery, classroom resources, gardening equipment, cycles, sports equipment, workshop tools and consumables, shoes and clothing.

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