Volunteer Stories: Shannon Sweetman

where do i start!!! i have been to GP twice once for 2 weeks and the other for a week and it has changed my life for the better deffinately, from the way i act, the way i am to even the way i dress!! being over in gambia felt more like home than my real home, i have never been to a more welcoming place, this was my first ever trip out of the uk and it is the one i have the best memory of.

although i haven’t been back for a number of years i still tell people daily of how amazing my experience was and all the things we did while we where out their (i still blame my constant lateness on me still not adjusting from gambia maybe time) i hope that one day i will be able to get the chance to come back out to the gambia with my partner to show her how much of an amazing experience it is as you truly can’t put it in to words you have to experience it for yourself!!!

i miss my gambian family so much!!! so welcoming!!! i always remember getting off the plain and driving along these roads and finally getting to the red road and thinking to myself… I’m home again… the people you meet will change your life forever cause i know they have changed mine!!!

Shannon Sweetman

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