Corporate Team Building

Are you looking for corporate team building which is something a little different to the usual raft building, mountain trekking or orienteering? We’ve got some great ideas for you!

A great team building activity that we have seen teams pull together and achieve fantastic results is compound makeover. A team working together can completely transform someone’s home making huge impact on a families day to day life. In 2018 we hosted a group from Lloyds bank and they worked together to transform a widows compound. Her compound was transformed into a comfortable home. Here you can see the differences. This project was so beneficial to all involved.

Whether your priority is to energise, motivate, inspire or rebuild your team GVG can tailor a programme to suit your company or organisation’s team building objectives. Drop us an e-mail and we can explore some ideas together.

One thing we are sure is that the experience of working as a team in The Gambia will be a life changing and fulfilling experience which will make your team stronger than ever.

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