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Once the Gunjur Project Lodge was established and groups started coming, the demand grew for volunteering opportunities as well as cultural experiences. The Gunjur Project Association was formed and registered as a Gambian charity in September 2011. It quickly developed links with the Gambian ministry for education and a Memorandum of Understanding was agreed, to improve educational opportunities.

The Gunjur Project Association enables independent travellers to The Gambia, as well as visitors and supporters of Gunjur Project Lodge, to make donations that have a real time impact on the local community.

Together with Gunjur Project Lodge guests we have built schools, sponsored students, distributed educational equipment, worked with community organisations and achieved development across a wide range of areas.

Charity Trustees

The Gunjur Project Association has grown significantly since it’s registration and in late 2016 applied to the UK Charities Commission to become a UK registered charity. As part of this process, a number of Trustees have been appointed to oversee the governance of the organisation. They are: Jo Austin Preece (charity founder), Jenny Ringstead (manager of Gunjur Project Lodge), Brendan Ringstead (health and safety manager for GPA project work), Sue Clough (UK based), Pat Keegan Poels (UK based).

The Trustees are working to streamline the systems and processes for managing the wide portfolio of charity projects supported by the charity. They are also working on sustainability for the future, succession planning and the creation of a vital new training centre. This will be based on an independent piece of land behind Gunjur Project Lodge and will contain a community kitchen and training rooms.

You can see which local groups we work with on a regular basis here. If you’re wondering what kind of things you can volunteer to do yourself, there are several suggestions on this page.

Making a Difference

You can see lots of the work we’ve already achieved here.


If you are interested in bringing a group to volunteer with the Gunjur Project Association, we have a number of people who could come and meet with you to discuss this, or to make a presentation to your group members. We could facilitate a workshop to help your group plan and prepare for their trip. Contact us for more details about this.


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