Eating and Drinking

Volunteers working with Go Volunteer Gambia have the option to eat at the Gunjur Project Lodge.


For our volunteers staying at Gunjur Project Lodge, breakfast is a good and healthy start to your day. Every morning they serve Tapalapa, the local bread which is baked fresh several times during the day.  They make fresh juice, provide delicious organic local jam and honey and offer a selection of seasonal fruits. You can also have a cooked breakfast of nebead beans, omelette or fish and not to forget fresh coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

This breakfast is served every day in the restaurant from 7.30am until 10am. When working with larger groups of volunteers, they ask for breakfast orders the night before to ensure everyone is ready for the days projects.


For lunch Gunjur Project Lodge offers a wide selection of soups, sandwiches, chips and salads in addition to several other dishes such as homemade fish & potato cakes, chickpeas with garlic bread, falafals with hummus, pizza baguette and other toasted baguettes.


Each day the lodge restaurant offers a Gambian dish such as Bennichin, Yassa, Domada – visitors can choose to have this served with fish, chicken, meat or vegetarian style. In addition they offer a chicken, a fish, a meat and a vegetarian option.  The menu is changed every 2 days. An example of an evening meal menu would be 1. Gambian yassa served with rice 2. Fish with a coconut sauce served with rice 3. Home-made beef burger & chips served with homemade coleslaw 4. Sweet & sour chicken served with egg fried rice 5. Spaghetti Napolitano served with garlic bread.

From experience we understand that some visitors may find food a difficult choice and so we take time to work with individuals to ensure all needs are catered for. If something is not on the menu they will make it. GPL has risk assessments in place for people with food allergies and all staff are appropriately trained in accordance with food safety standards & allergy awareness.

The food is as fresh as possible. The catering team works closely with a local fisherman Mustapha who brings fish from Gunjur beach straight to the kitchen as and when it is requested. There is a selection of fruit trees in the garden and they purchase vegetables and other fruits directly from the women’s gardens supporting the local economy. For meat they go to one of the best butchers in The Gambia. They try to use as much local and organic produce as possible.

For those who want to learn more about Gambian food & juices we can offer workshops as part of the volunteer package.


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