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The club consists of a group of young people selected from Gunjur & Kajabang village to learn more about how The Gambia is rich with beautiful birds and natural habitats and why we need to protect it.

The group of 7 young people selected are aged between 13 & 19 years. As a pilot scheme we have started the group size small to monitor the learning outcomes closely. We already have a waiting list of mixed genders for the next course due to start in November 2015. Interestingly we have a number of adults that are wanting to join the course.

Our young people are learning that The Gambia is birders paradise, with plenty of birding tourists visiting each year. This gives the group some idea of how Eco-Tourism plays a major role in the tourist economy and how Gambian bird guides earn a living as guides. We are aiming to take the group further afield to visit other interesting sites and hope to get them a talk from a very good Gambian bird guide.

The club operates at the weekend supported by Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group (GEPADG) and funded by friends of Gunjur Project, Warrington Wolves Association, Multipercussion and The African Oyster Trust.

The funds that have been raised so far cover: Transport, Resources, Breakfast, Bird books and Footwear.

We are always in need of Good quality Binoculars & Scopes. The optics we are using are not great and we are always loaning from other sources. Resources we need include Bird guide books, Bicycles, Outdoor clothing, Rucksacks and Cameras.

Any donation you make will be used to support the continuing development of this group.

What happens when I donate to this project?
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