Medical Volunteering opportunities in Africa

Medical Volunteering opportunities

We have opportunities for medical or health professionals to volunteer in a number of ways. Many Gambians do not have access to good health care for many reasons.

Organise Awareness workshops

There are small health posts in some villages – you could help by holding health awareness workshops for identified audiences. This could be about topics such as malaria, first aid, hygiene and sanitation. You could maybe collect medical supplies in your own country to donate, such as basic first aid provisions, paracetamol etc. Or perhaps you could raise money for malaria treatments or antibiotics.

Vaccination programmes

It could be that we have a vaccination programme in operation at the time you visit. Or perhaps it’s the rainy season when cases of malaria are at their most prevalent.

Ideas for skilled professionals

Skilled professionals could hold clinic sessions for specific ailments and treat as many people as you are able to. For example, if you were a chiropodist you could run a clinic for locals with podiatry issues. There are many more options available which we can discuss.

Dental Health Projects

Dental care is available in The Gambia, but accessed by only a few, due to the cost and fear of dentists. Men typically drink a lot of Gambian tea which has a high sugar content, often leading to tooth decay. You would volunteer to run dental check ups, providing basic treatment where possible. It would be helpful if you could provide your own equipment. Drop us an e-mail and we can talk about how you could help.

Optical volunteer opportunities

There are many people in The Gambia suffering from eye conditions which are easily treatable and also preventable. You could help in many ways – get in touch with us to discuss the options.

If you have the right qualifications, perhaps you could do some eye testing. We have a lot of prescription glasses which have been donated by people in the UK, these have all been roughly graded with a focimeter and can be used to give to the people you test – they pay a very small fee, which goes towards the maintenance of the health post to help with sustainability.

Perhaps you could run some training sessions on basic eye hygiene and how to prevent the spread of common eye conditions which are contagious. Maybe you could teach the local nurses how to treat the most common conditions they see.

If you were able to collect a number of sunglasses before you came, these could be distributed to the locals, to help prevent eye damage from the fierce rays of the sun.

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