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Set in the peaceful country of The Gambia in the rural village of Gunjur you will find The Gunjur Project Association

Based at the Gunjur Project Lodge, you arrive at a place where the focus is to ensure that all who visit whether they be holiday makers or volunteers leave making a positive impact on the local community and The Gambia as a whole.

The lodge caters not only for individuals but also has a dedicated programme for groups and provides exciting volunteer opportunities. We offer a quality service with professional staff who, with their experience & knowledge of The Gambia , will guarantee that you will enjoy your adventure and the experience of a lifetime. The Gunjur Project provides a great opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of Africa, its people, culture and traditions and see the day-to-day lives of the local community.

The lodge consist of 8 rooms a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and a campsite. Nearby you will find an unspoilt and almost endless beach. When you step outside you enter the real African world far away from the busy tourist centres and you will realise there is a lot to discover in The Gambia.


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